My name is Adam (a.k.a. Willie), known on various Fiero forums as x-thumpr-x. I’m a member of Ontario Fieros & Pennocks Fiero forum.  I was given my first Fiero in 1999, it was a red 1984 sport coupe 4spd. Little did I know then that is was the beginning of an addiction to this little 2 seater, mid engine commuter vehicle. I have had eleven Fieros since & currently own two at present time. My current driver is a modified 1987 Fiero GT which has seen a number of upgrades over the past 15 years owning it. My second Fiero is an 88 t-top coupe which has been a work in progress.

Bout time I do some upgrading to this site since my car no longer looks the same too.

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